I knew from a young age that I had psychic and mediumship abilities. Many other psychics have confirmed these abilities to me in readings with them. I therefore want to share my gift with you by giving accurate tarot card readings, something I have been doing professionally for 15 years.

I am in regular contact with the spirit world and loved ones who have passed on, using a clients piece of jewellery. This enables me to give a more accurate reading through vibrations and my natural sixth sense. l have diploma's in tarot and mediumship.


I have always had a deep fondness and respect for the tarot. As such, I consider a tarot spread to be a remarkable tool that enables me to see into a person’s life through the pictures, words and even sounds that are revealed in such detail from the cards.

I use The Mythic Tarot deck to help you with all aspects of life’s journey – business, finance, family and love.I always rely on a Celtic Cross spread for readings. The Celtic Cross encompasses past and present influences and a final outcome.

I believe that each tarot card conveys different interpretations in relation to the experiences of specific individuals. To be able to decipher this is the mark of a true psychic, which I consider myself to be.

I am kind and considerate because I realise clients often, but not always, seek out readers to help them deal with difficult times. I can give readings face to face or over the phone.