Jess, Rugby

If you are thinking of booking a Tarot reading with Francine then I urge you to do so immediately!

Her professionalism, positivity, and warm nature are sure to take any nerves you might have out of the experience.

She is frequently scarily accurate and has been quickly able to see intimate details of my life through her cards. She offers reassurance and guidance where necessary. I truly believe she is honest, if she doesn't get much from a specific card at first, she is honest about this and moves on, returning to it later.

She has accurately predicted events in my future to do with my family life and career, and even predicted a future relationship. This prediction was so accurate and in such detail, that when I first met this person it was in the exact situation she had described, and he was wearing the exact outfit she had described.

I have recommended her to friends who have also received accurate comments on their lives and predictions for their futures, which have quickly come true.

Overall, she is a fantastic Tarot Card Reader and Psychic.


Francine was a great Tarot card reader and immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed about my first ever reading. She was very thorough and explored every card and all the possibilities they were showing her.
Her readings have been very accurate: within the first few days of our session, two of the things she predicted had happened regarding my boyfriend and a pet.

Her character descriptions of family and friends were spot on - she's a very perceptive reader. The accuracy of what she saw about my house, a current and previous relationship, and a family member's illness were all correct.
She also held my jewellery and I received a reading from this too. Francine described a man whom I immediately recognised as my Grandad: the way he dressed, his mannerisms and his love of animals.

Francine also said a message from him to my Nan, who is still living was that he still held 'a deep love' for her, my Nan said that's how they used to describe their marriage and what's written on his gravestone.
She also reassured us that my Nan will feel his presence regularly: my Nan has always said she can tell when he enters the room, and that he follows her each time she moves house.

I'm so pleased and I totally recommend Francine for the overall experience of the reading.

Marjan, London

I was extremely amazed by Fran’s reading, she managed to read certain personal aspects in my life. It is unbelievable how much depth and detail she knew about me and I will definitely take her advice on board. She managed to read right through me and I was surprised by the accuracy of her reading. She managed to know the most recent events in my life. I would most certainly recommend Fran, she is phenomenal!

Daisy, London

I was sceptical at first as I have never had a tarot reading but Francine picked up on so much of what was going on in my life and what would happen I couldn't believe it, I would definitely go to her again.

Abi J, Phone Reading

Wow! Fran is a truly gifted tarot reader!

I had a half an hour phone reading with her last night and was amazed from start to finish.

Fran picked up on every topic I wanted to discuss without me saying a word, and was able to provide clarity and even guidance on my current situations! I was almost speechless at certain points due to her accuracy! It was fantastic!

She has given me confidence and positivity to move forward with my life and alter certain situations for the better. I now feel very optimistic about my future.

She is also a lovely lady and has a great sense of humour.

I will certainly be booking to have another reading with her again except I will go and see her in person for an hour next time and I look very forward to meeting her!

Definitely contact Fran if you would like an incredible tarot reading!

Petra, London

Initially Fran read the tarot cards for me, whereby many of the aspects from my life have since amazingly come true. Then she mentioned that she also reads from jewelry whereby she gains more psychic insights.

Fran used my bracelet which is very personal to me, and among many things she she told me she saw “a guy next to a lake.”
There was a guy who I fancied at that time, who was actually on holiday more likely by the sea.

Next day, he sent me photos from his holiday and to my amazement one picture was of him by a lake! I did not expect it at all! She was also very accurate in many other things in my current life circumstances.

I also witnessed her reading from a ring of a friend. We were all amazed by how she described exactly what was currently going on in her life. She told her about her new job and the relationship she had with her new boss and described her personality and looks to a T!

I definitely recommend Fran, if you require an amazingly accurate reading and to find out what the future holds!